Cloud Phone

The Indigo-Group have embraced the business advantages offered by Cloud Based PBX  or otherwise known as hosted telephony. This gives you the ability to use the internet to make calls. This will generate substantial savings.

CloudPhone  is without doubt the future of telephony; it offers a flexible, high quality and a very good value for money solution. For as little as £1 per month you can create unique numbers for specific marketing campaigns, if you need to give the impression of local presence, you can quickly and easily create a specific geographical number.

As the hosted telephony system is a subscription based service, you will start saving money as soon as your start using the system. With a traditional phone system, there are some very large upfront costs for the purchase, installation and setup of a new phone system.

New geographic numbers can be added very swiftly, so can assist with any targeted marketing campaigns that are being run. You can select a code from any city regardless of your location.

The cost per call is far lower than is paid through a traditional on-site phone solution.

There’s no lock in, if you are not happy with the service or functionality, you are free to move on without any onerous long contracts.

A hosted desktop solution working with unified communications through our hosted telephony service will help future proof your business.

Hosted telephony takes away the requirement to look in to the future. You only pay for active users, no need to invest in licences for growth in the future.

There is no network operator exchange line rental required.

Lower calls costs.

Free calls throughout your offices. So if your business is located in multiple locations, you won’t be penalised for inter office phone calls.

Hosted telephony means that you’ll no longer need to replace existing systems every few years. As and when new features are available your systems will be automatically updated where applicable.

As the phone lines arrive pre-configured all you will need to do is plug and talk.

We provide you with a straight forward and easy to use web interface so you can simply move, add or edit current users.

As with the hosted desktop solution, the hosted telephony solution provides businesses with the same level of protection. If a business experiences a flood, theft or fire, your communication system with the outside world carries on as if there has been no change to your business. Our servers are located in a fully redundant and secure data centre.

Low risk switch over means that you can be sure you are happy with the system before going live. Our expert team of IT Support technicians will ensure the system is working seamlessly before making the final switch over.

We have a web based control consol so you can stay in control of your hosted telephony system. Some of the features we provide as standard include:

Hold call, call transfer, call parking, click to call, send SMS, receive SMS, fax to email, conference calls, call recording, hunt groups, call screening, call waiting.

There are hundreds of features available with our system, please ask and we will help.

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