Cloud Backup

Security of your core data is essential for disaster recovery and business continuity. We offer a cloud backup solution for all of your in-house data. We take a daily incremental backup which will enable you to retrieve files for up to 60 days after any changes were made.

Cloud backup offers a low cost safety net for your business. The days of backing up to a tape and taking it home every night are long gone. Every morning you’ll receive confirmation that there has been a successful backup. However as part of our service, Indigo will be alerted if the cloud backup isn’t completed.

The cloud offers a cost effective solution for backing up your key business data. Every day there are additional files and data added to your server and you as the business owner or IT manager is responsible for this backup. We can assist with this, through the Indigo-Group cloud backup solution. The cloud backup system can run hand in hand with your current backup routine, to provide a fail-safe solution for peace of mind.

Many SME’s have backup solutions in place, however the restore of this information is not always tested properly. Traditional methods of backup, such as tape drives are timely, expensive and rely on human intervention. In addition to remembering the initial backup there is a subsequent burden on staff members remembering to replace tapes. In many cases a fire or flood would further hamper any such efforts to successfully restore data onto a server that may be damaged.

File versioning, provides you with the ability to access older versions of a file without an issue. When new files or updated versions of the files are uploaded to the Indigo-Group cloud backup, the server will archive the specific version and have this file available for retrieval for up to 60 days. You can revert to the older version or access it at any time from the Indigo-Group cloud backup software.

  • Incremental backups – once a full backup has been taken, Indigo-Group cloud backup will only back up newly created of changed files, this reduces the bandwidth taken to guarantee all backups in the future are ultrafast.
  • Automatic/scheduled backups – you are in control of when you want your data backed up and once you have set the schedule, you won’t need to revisit as you will see each time the backup has been successful.
  • Ultra secure – your data is encrypted with military grade encryption prior to transfer via a secure SSL connection.
  • Data centres – your data is stored in the most secure data centres which employ the highest security standards.
  • SQL and Exchange databases – as standard we will back these up.

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