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Your IT network is at the core of everything your business does. But how secure is your system? Although it may be functioning as you feel it should there is no way to tell whether it is vulnerable until something happens – but then it’s too late as the damage and business disruption has happened, which at worst can stop a business from being able to operate until systems are restored.

Don’t leave it to chance. To enable businesses to get the right level of protection at the most realistic cost, we are offering the opportunity for you to have a 2 week system monitoring exercise to determine the level of risk to your business and the likelihood of a security breach occurring.

This gives you an opportunity to proactively reduce any risks to your network which will potentially save you from future security issues and save you money.

Cyber security risks have dramatically evolved, but the approach businesses use to manage them has not kept pace. Traditionally large businesses used a technology information model that focused on building bigger better walls to keep hackers out, but this does not address the realities of today. It’s now not if but when will you have to deal with this problem. We help you prepare your business for this inevitability.

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We focus on five key areas:

We help you build a system that will allow you to recognise when you are under attack, and help you contain and limit its impact. We guide you through the steps you can take to monitor and detect an attack. We provide incident response and post event forensics. What lessons can you learn and how do you control the risk?

We help you go through the basics you should already have in place. Boundary firewalls, internet gateways and the secure configuration of your server. Who can access your data and what is the policy around starters and leavers? Malware protection, are you as protected as you can be against viruses and malware. Patch management; can you be confident that all of you infrastructure is properly patched. Known weaknesses are the first point of attack from individuals wanting to gain access your systems.

We help you educate your users through training to identify when they are making a critical security decisions. Should they open that attachment or not? Do they fill in an online form and give away detailed access information by sharing passwords. We help you build a culture of digital security in your business.

Most businesses are now digitally connected through their supply chain to a number of key customers and suppliers. This digital connection exposes you to their potentially badly protected systems. Are you at risk of infecting a customer or being infected by a supplier?

We help you identify the critical areas you need to protect and give you advice about what matters and threats you could already be facing.

What we do

We will attend your site and discuss the systems and applications you are using. We will examine your anti-virus, firewall and access control systems. We will check to see if your server is backing up and is patched with the latest security fixes.

We then scan your network from the outside to see if your system is open to attack from the internet.


The results of these tests are then presented to you in a management and technical report. The management report is in plain language and helps you understand the risks you are facing and what management action you should take to address them. It can act as a checklist to hold your IT people to account.

The technical report outlines in detail the steps your IT provider should take to secure your network and systems. It will specify the exact issues you are facing and will make recommendations on how they should be addressed.

After you have addressed the issues covered we will check to see that everything highlighted has been addressed and we will issue you a Digital Clean Bill of Health.


  • Suitable for both small and large networks
  • Only takes 14 days to provide you with a comprehensive report
  • Monitoring includes – Firewall and antivirus activity, intrusion prevention and VPN capabilities
  • Secure – it is entirely secure and without risk to your network as we are scanning your network from the outside
  • A fully detailed report is available at the end of the 14 days

Why choose Site Secure 

  • Site Secure has been developed to give you even more visibility across your networks allowing you to proactively defend and secure your network against attacks.
  • Because Site Secure monitors your own individual network it is able to give you an accurate report detailing what attacks would actually cause harm to your systems.
  • With so many irrelevant attacks taking place in today’s cyber space, this accuracy and level of knowledge enables you to better understand how vulnerable your systems are and whether there are any issues which need to be addressed.

Get in contact today to set up your 2 week completely free trial and find out if your IT is vulnerable to attack.

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