Managing Risk

The art of good IT is creating an intuitive, consistent, effortless and personal system that works just the way you want it to and you don’t have to give it a second thought. Because it is in the background does not take away from how business critical your IT systems are and therefore the importance of managing risks that are associated to your technology and potentially your ability to operate effectively. We offer a range of services to protect against risk, allowing you to focus on improving productivity, providing continuity and delivering your business goals.

We have a service to suit your individual needs including a disaster recovery plan as proactive protection, crisis management support is required to react to a fault that is out of your hands or managing data security using one of our secure datacentres. All these services are deployed by experienced consultants and project managers using proven frameworks to fit your individual business requirements.

As our customers become more dependant upon their IT systems we ensure that they are properly protected against failure. This project delivers a process driven disaster recovery plan that will allow customer to protect themselves against failure, by mitigating risk and providing alternative business processes.

Undertaking a disaster recovery planning exercise highlights existing areas of concern, and allows the business management team to be confident that they have carried out their duty to the company.

Your data is in safe hands. There is still a common misperception that your data is safer when stored in your office. When you choose a hosted desktop solution, you will be able to sleep safe at night with peace of mind.

Your servers are located in state of the art data centres, where you can expect 24/7 physical monitoring along with automated systems. We backup all of your data daily also have your servers replicated to a second location in case of a disaster.

Your hosted desktop is far more secure than an office based server, where you run the risk of fire, theft, flood and other disasters.

Our data centres have four different power supplies, including an onsite sub-station, enough diesel to run our generators for three months and a direct connection to two separate national grid rings.

Some businesses through no fault of their own experience severe IT systems failure.  During these incredibly stressful time we provide support at a management and technical level. We can provide loan equipment and deploy servers, and systems very quickly. In extreme circumstances we can provide office space and telephony support. We focus on getting your business running again as soon as possible.

Then we deliver reliable and robust solutions to ensure that your business will not experience the situation again.

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