Goodman and Lilley Estate Agents

Client issue

Goodman and Lilley Estate Agents are independent property specialists in sales, lettings and land based in North Somerset. Client experience is at the core of Goodman and Lilley Estate Agents, which is why having a seamless and reliable IT system is vital ensuring they are always online and available for their client needs.

However, their IT system was in need of an update, the phone system was very unreliable and offered no flexibility and the computer systems in general needed updating. Goodman and Lilley Estate Agents were looking for one supplier that could provide everything that they needed under one roof, with an efficient, joined up approach.


Indigo proposed a single solution that included cloud based telephone and desktop technologies this would resolve the problems around reliability. Cloud based technologies are accessible from anywhere, are always available and can be flexibly accessed via many sources. This solution would provide Goodman and Lilley Estate Agents with the tools to continue providing the client experience that they prided themselves on.

As Indigo were able to provide all these technology solutions and the support alongside this under one roof, this provided Goodman and Lilley Estate Agents with the easy technology partnering they were looking for. So should they need additional support or assistance they could contact Indigo to help with any element of their IT solution.


Goodman and Lilley Estate Agents are extremely happy with their IT partnership with Indigo. The solution that was provided to them benefitted from flexibility, reliability and consistency. When Goodman and Lilley Estate Agents then expanded to open another office, Indigo simply added more users to the cloud platform and they were up and running in weeks. As the phone system was now cloud based Indigo were able to distribute the calls simply and effectively to ensure that they were always answered, maintaining a high standard of client experience and satisfaction.

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