Business Systems

For us IT is not about hardware and software but developing business enabling technology systems around people, products and processes to help you achieve your business goals.

As competition increases and margins tighten companies need to have the right technology in place to maximise personal productivity and business agility to stay ahead of rivals and adapt as the speed of change continues to increase.

We develop joined up technology and communications frameworks for businesses to deliver systems that are intuitive, consistent, effortless and personal for users. Providing a cost effective and reliable business enabling system as technology becomes an increasingly central, and essential, element.

As businesses grow and adapt, the IT can seamlessly adapt and flex with it so that your business always benefits from having the right connectivity, interaction and collaboration tools to operate most effectively. Too little and it runs the risk of the IT being not up to the task and tripping over on a regular basis. Too much can mean spending more than you need and having systems that are over-engineered in relation to the what is required.

Systems developed for all sizes of business, from start up’s to highly complex, multi-site operations, are all based on a strong and reliable technology platform that is flexible, scalable and easy to use.

Typical IT Framework

Home and Office
Multi office/remote workers
Multi office/remote workers
Departmental needs
No integration
Limited visibility
Visibility across departments
Communication needs
ADSL/Fibre telephone & email
ADSL/Fibre, Cloud Telephone, internet, mobile
ADSL/Fibre, cloud telephony, mobile cloud, PBX
ADSL/Fibre, cloud telephony, mobile cloud, voice recording, monitoring, network connectivity
Data responsibility
Client data held & backed up
Current & archive, client & financial, DR
Warehousing, financials, historic, databases, security, DR, crisis management
Warehousing, financials, historic, databases, DR, crisis management, high volume, debt recovery
Hosted desktop
Hosted desktop
Hybrid cloud/hosted desktop, SAAS
Co location, hybrid cloud, hosted desktop, SAAS, datacentre
Local on site / cloud
Local / cloud, NAS
Local, disk NAS
Cloud, SAN
Support needs
Intermittent, pay as you go
Reactive & proactive

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