The Challenges of Cyber Security

The challenges of cyber securityWe recently attended and presented at the CBI South West – Cyber Security M-Club. To many this might not mean anything, but actually in everyday life and especially within business this is becoming ever more important to understand.

Digital technology is now at the forefront of what we do, we engage with technology for a variety of reasons; accessing data, storing files, sharing items, collaborating with colleagues, and many more. But with so much of our personal and business data being shared online it is now essential to ensure that our data is protected and we have the right security to do the job. A cyber-breach for a business is not only a major monetary and data privacy risk; it can also affect brand reputation and customer trust.

The recent meeting with CBI South West gave us the opportunity to share hints and tips with a wide range of the South West business community, focusing on how best to protect yourself against cyber-attacks.  Here at Indigo, we recognise the importance of getting security correct from the beginning, no matter what size your business is, a cyber-attack can be crippling and a proactive approach is always best. With many options available for your individual needs, we are able to tailor your security solution, providing you with peace of mind.

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