Balancing the risks of modern business IT

 Balancing the risks of modern business IT It’s been reported that in 2015 there were approximately 5.4 million businesses in the UK according to The House of Commons Library research. With such a large number of businesses being based in the UK, it is no wonder that IT is developing and evolving so quickly in order to assist those businesses in fulfilling the demand from their customers.

With such a focus now being placed on IT, businesses are becoming more and more reliant on the benefits and advantages that it has to offer. Whilst there are many benefits to be enjoyed from the development of IT, it’s important to not only consider what IT to implement but also how this is going to be managed. Correctly managing an IT network provides a business with peace of mind, acknowledging your risks and having controls in place such as backed up security, disaster recovery & crisis management plans. Without these controls, you could be putting your business critical network and data at great risk.

As recently seen, even the large providers themselves are not without risk, in February this year, BT had a huge power outage which affected the broadband and phone lines of tens of thousands of their customers. Similarly, their rival TalkTalk was also victim of a hack attack in late 2015 from which the firm is still trying to recover customer confidence. This emphasises the importance of managing your own individual company risks from the outset to ensure that you are protected and proactive should something beyond your control occur.

Indigo understand the importance of managing your risks as technology develops, which is why we offer a range of services to protect against risk, allowing you to focus on improving productivity, providing continuity and delivering your business goals. We have a service to suit your individual needs and all services are deployed by experienced consultants and project managers using proven frameworks to provide the right fit for your individual business requirements.

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