Building networks that fit your business

Business TechnologyTechnology has already become an integral part of our everyday lives and is beginning to penetrate throughout nearly all of our daily activities, whether that is in work or in our social lives. In a report by Smart Insights at the start of this year, they shocked us with some figures of what happened online in 60 seconds in 2015, to name a few; 205.6 million emails were sent, 3.1 million Google searches were conducted, 44.4 million WhatsApps were sent and 3.3 million Facebook posts were published. Demonstrating just how integral technology has become, it has taken over our day to day lives and we are at the point where we would quite simply be lost without it.

This importance of technology is visible within our everyday lives but is especially pertinent within business. Businesses are now relying on both visible technologies in the form of hardware on your desks, mobile phone and tablets, but also invisible technologies like software and the ever growing popularity of cloud based solutions. Linking these two technologies together the importance is placed on having a joined up IT solution that is resilient, adaptable and reliable and can keep up to pace with your business to help you achieve your goals.

But understanding what your business requires in order for it to work seamlessly can be difficult. In line with this we have structured a new website to better guide, inform and advise you on the right solutions to fit your business needs. To help you better understand what technology you may require we have put together a typical IT framework from this you can easily identify what size business you would be comparable to and you can also view the capabilities that you may require when you reach your business goals. This allows you to benefit from having the right connectivity, interaction and collaboration tools to operate most effectively.

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